Our wild gorse scrub bar, which we infuse water with yellow flower of the wild gorse bush, and also add gorse flowers to the soap. This soap has a fresh lime scent to match its vibrant colours, and ground olive stone for a really extreme scrub to leave your body tingling! Why the Kilted Peril? Well the gorse not only has a profusion of yellow flower it also has more than its share of sharp spikes, so its a plant you only push through whilst wearing the kilt, at your peril! Gorse flowers for this bar are collected, then dried, from our own crofts. We advise that you use a self draining soap dish with our hand made soaps, as they do not like living in a puddle of water as it softens them. Pictured at Tarbat Lighthouse, most northerly point of the Great Glen, overlooking the Dornoch Firth

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  • Kilted Peril combines Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil.  We choose to use these oils as we enjoy the creamy lather they produce.  Sunflower Seed Oil is added for its moisturising properties, and vitamin E content.  Wild Gorse flowers collected from our own crofts, ground olive seed stone.
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • Our soaps are made totally by hand using traditional methods.  No preservatives are used in the process.  
  • Our scottish soaps are all palm free, no animal ingredients.

Ingredients : Sodium Olivate, Sodium Coccolat*, Aqua, Glycerine, Sodium Cocoa Butterate*, Sodium Sunflower Seedat*, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Peel Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Seed Powder, Ci77019, Ci77891, Ci77491, Ci77288, Ci77491, Litsea Cubea Oil,  Ulex europeaus flower*, ulex europeaus flower extract*, Limonene, Citral, Linalool

min weight 120g


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